Expo 2012 – A year for success

Chris Haran

Another year…another CBExpo.

Our company is large. We have 53 offices, over 3300 agents, hundreds more of staff and managers over four states. It’s a lot of ground to cover, and finding a way to get everyone together always presents some unique challenges. But, that size is what makes events like #CBExpo2012 so important. When you get all those different styles and ways of thinking in one place, some very cool things start to happen.

The combined talents and skills of our company, matched with top-notch industry experts and speakers, would be hard to match anywhere in the country. Let’s recap what we got to experience this year.

Fran Broude, President and COO, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

We had local experts on panels discussing short sales, how to overcome the objections we all face in everyday business or how to start putting together your support team. More local talent in the leadership team and support staff discussed time management in creating a work/life balance, using all the Coldwell Banker tools in a listing presentation, online ratings and reputation and luxury marketing.

We were also very lucky with our national speakers including Chris Smith from Inman Next, Caroline Lorusso from Google, Jim Gillespie from Coldwell Banker, Bruce Zipf from NRT and Stefan Swanepoel as our keynote speaker.

Chris Smith, Inman Next

App stores were besieged with all of the downloads of app suggestions and programs from some of our speakers, and I’m confident that any agent who implements what they learned at the Expo will have substantially set themselves apart from their competition.

And that is the key. Implementation. Conferences, summits, retreats and expos are great. You hear awesome speakers, reconnect with colleagues and get jazzed up with all the ways your business is about to explode. And then, the next day comes and you get sucked back into the day-to-day activities. Time rolls on, the next conference comes around and you realize you haven’t changed anything. So, to combat that “haven’t I heard this before” feeling, try some of these simple steps.

  1. Reach out to three of your peers that you got to reconnect with at the Expo. Set up a separate appointment for coffee or lunch for a detailed follow up. The strongest referral networks are built with diversity of skills and geographical areas firmly in mind.
  2. With one of your new downloaded apps or programs, commit to using it every day for the next week. At the end of the week, look back at your activity. Did it help you be more efficient, or save you time or money, or make your life easier? If not, maybe it’s not the right app for you.
  3. Look up our speakers and see who has other programs coming up. Attend one of their webinars or listen to a podcast or watch one of their videos. Hearing something once usually isn’t enough. Keep learning.
  4. Pick your favorite vendor and find out more about their business. Test it in yours for a short period of time and see how it benefits your business.

CBExpo 2012 attendees.

Thanks again to all of the people that joined us. The Expo is only successful with the fantastic participation we get from all of you, year in and year out.

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