Expo 2012 – A year for success

Chris Haran

Another year…another CBExpo.

Our company is large. We have 53 offices, over 3300 agents, hundreds more of staff and managers over four states. It’s a lot of ground to cover, and finding a way to get everyone together always presents some unique challenges. But, that size is what makes events like #CBExpo2012 so important. When you get all those different styles and ways of thinking in one place, some very cool things start to happen. Read More

My “Welcome Home” Visit in La Grange, IL

A Special Blog Post from Jim Gillespie, CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Jim Gillespie, CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate at the La Grange Office.

You can go home again.

That’s the feeling I had when the great agents and manager Tricia McEneaney-Riberto at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in La Grange, Illinois welcomed me back with open arms yesterday.

I started my real estate career 37 years ago in the town as an agent with Gallery of Homes. I then moved to Thorsen Realtors which was soon acquired by Coldwell Banker.  This began my 36 year love affair with our great brand.

As you know on Friday I announced that effective January 1 I will turn the CEO reigns over to our current president and chief operating officer Budge Huskey and I will assume a new role as chairman emeritus.

So it was fitting and very exciting to me that my first traveling after the announcement would be to the Coldwell Banker Expo in Chicago for all of Fran Broude’s Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agents in Chicagoland. Read More

Explorers Are Dreamers

– Dick Greenwood
Director, Builder Marketing

Explorers are dreamers by nature.  Why else would they leave comfortable, safe environments and risk everything to search for something few, if any have ever seen?  The high Arctic is one of the last places on earth where vast areas have never been explored, and this is where the story begins, at the north end of Ellesmere Island, Canada.

It all started with a phone call…. “Dick, I’ve got a kayak expedition at the end of August.  Ellesmere Island.  Want in?”  Of course!  In about a week I got the normal expedition disclaimers to sign. You may die.  You may drown.  You may get attacked by a polar bear.  Or walrus.  Or wolves.  Medical assistance is not available and help if available is often days away.  It looked pretty standard to me, so I signed it, and had my assistant sign that I understood everything.  I remember saying “Just sign it like all the others in the past.” Read More

#CBExpo2012: The Place to Be or the Only Place to Be on July 24?

Raise your hand if you have already gone to CBExpo2012.com and registered for our latest company event, scheduled for July 24. Now, if you really raised your hand reading this, then you get the look. However, thanks for doing that.

For those of you that haven’t already registered, check out this short video talking about why you should immediately! We have a great lineup this year, as well as the always popular networking reception where you can connect with your friends and peers from across the company.