Up, Up, Up

2012 has been a great year for, and May was no different. Below are some statistics and highlights from May.

  • Mobile traffic continues its meteoric increase year over year, as it again makes up well over 20% of our overall site traffic in May.
  • We are currently projected to go well over 5.5 million visits to our site this year (possibly even 6 million) which would be a huge jump over last year’s 4 million visitors.
  • Listings views are up almost 5% compared to April, and up 16% compared to May of 2011.
  • All areas of web traffic were up by double digits or more in May as compared to last year, except Time on Site.

Today is the day!

– Amy Eiduke, Communications Director

I’m so excited! Today the world’s largest Ronald McDonald House is opening right here in Chicago. I’m not excited because it is the world’s largest (though that is cool) but because families who have children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals now have a new place to call home. With 86 rooms, a rooftop healing deck and kitchens filled with home-cooked meals, this place is truly amazing!

As a member of the Coldwell Banker Foundation committee I have been lucky enough to watch this house being built from the day they broke ground on an 80 degree day in November 2010 to enjoying a dusty shoes tour where we climbed the 14 stories in a rusty elevator that was outside of the building (yikes!) to volunteering a few weeks ago to help put the final touches on the toy room and play areas. We had 40 dedicated volunteers helping to get everything ready and they were fantastic! Click here to see them hard at work. Read More

Deep Thoughts: Customer Service

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer…who creates customers.” –Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital for PepsiCo, adding on to the famous Peter Drucker definition of business

Shiv Singh was using this to define social media and influence, but I can’t think of a better use of that quote then when trying to define how you build a successful real estate business. Whether it is the hand-written testimonial or the review and ranking on Zillow or Trulia, this industry always will come back to the referral. Read More

Dreams Change.

Patrick O’Rourke, Regional Vice President, North Shore

With time everything changes, even your dreams. When I was young I dreamed of material things. Now I dream of good health and becoming wiser with each year that passes. As we grow we more fully understand the difference between what’s important and what only appears to be – and that too can change with time.

Anyone that knows me knows that I believe in leading a balanced life, not only for myself but for my agents as well. One of my professional goals (dreams) is to build champions and help others to grow to their full potential professionally and personally. This how I can make a difference in the lives of others. Read More

Global is the Difference!

Ronna Streiff, Previews Marketing Manager

I am excited to announce that our global network just got bigger. All Previews properties are now featured on, the Chinese edition of the Wall Street Journal and (the English version of A recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated that “In the U.S. 75% of investor-immigrant applicants were from China in fiscal 2011”.

Furthermore, 9% of international buyers purchasing U.S. homes are Chinese, proving once again that Coldwell Banker Previews International® global network puts your luxury properties in front of the highest number of potential buyers. Read More

A Foundation for Life

– Laurie Kirchen, Builder Marketing Coordinator & Northwest Regional Assistant

I was in sixth grade when I discovered my love of pouring over floorplans and listing sheets.  A center entrance colonial was the next step up from the small Georgian I grew up in, and my parents talked about moving for years.  I was excited over the prospect of moving into something larger – with a family room ! – but leaving my neighborhood, my friends, my school, my LIFE – uh, not so appealing.  When they returned from seeing houses, I’d quiz them over and over about layouts, features and school districts. Never moving, they most certainly drove more than one good real estate agent insane.  Read More