Pinterest: Not your average social media site.

– Jennifer Kirchen, eMarketing Specialist

Are you on Pinterest? If not, this is a site worthy of your time. In recent months, Pinterest has soared to the top of the social charts and is the third most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter. While the site launched in March 2010, it didn’t become popular until the latter part of 2011 when site traffic skyrocketed. Pinterest has continued its meteoric rise in 2012 and had over 19.5 million unique visitors in the month of April.

You may be thinking, another social media site? Rest assured that Pinterest is different than the social media sites that have come before it. Pinterest is a place to share images of home décor, food, travel, really anything on the web. You “pin” these images to “boards” which fall under different categories. For example, you happen to be surfing the web and find a great recipe for a Layered Summer Salad on You can “pin it” to your “Recipes” board for Friday night’s dinner.

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Beyond recipe sharing, people use Pinterest to decorate a bedroom, plan a wedding, or plan their next vacation. Due to the visual nature of real estate, Pinterest is a natural extension for those planning for their next home. I like to think of Pinterest as a way to visualize and organize both dreams and ideas. Pinning all of the plans I have for my someday-home is a way to keep that dream fresh in my mind. And that home of my own? Oh yes, this will be in it:

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*Note: Pinterest is currently invite-only, so if you need an invite leave your email address in the comments section below.

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