Giddy up.

Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

Hey real estate fans, how’s it going?  I’m just paddling down the river of life waiting to see what’s next.

Before I race into the sweet enhancements to the mobile version of, let’s step back and appreciate a horse. Not just any horse, a horse that’s only one win away from the Triple Crown, a horse by the name of I’ll Have Another.

I’ll Have Another won the Preakness over the weekend matching his win at the Kentucky Derby a couple weeks ago leaving a win a the Belmont Stakes to capture the elusive Triple Crown.  While the last Triple Crown winner was in my lifetime, I was only two when Affirmed won in 1978, so I’d like to see it happen.

In case you’re wondering this will be the 12th time since then a horse will head to Belmont a win away.  I’m not a huge horse racing fan but I love sports and I love history so I’ll be watching  the Belmont Stakes on June 9 hoping for the two to mingle.

Back to the business of’s enhanced mobile sites; I’ll take some broad strokes of what’s new:

  • New design: larger buttons, easier to navigate, optimized for touch screens
  • Comprehensive listing data:  All of the same data that’s on the desktop detail page is now on the mobile detail page
  • Photo swiping and enhanced image formatting
  • Get directions and zoom mapping features

These enhancements by themselves are great but what I’m really excited about are the new Agent Branded Mobile sites.  Here are some of the features:

  • Agent name, photo, contact and social media information at the top of the home page
  • The Agent’s name stays at the top of all pages during a client’s visit
  • All leads go directly to the agent exactly like the desktop agent branded site.

Why all this focus and attention on the mobile site?  It’s progressively where your clients are; let’s look at the last three years:

  • 2010 a little of 2% of traffic was mobile
  • 2011 about 9.5% in 2011
  • 2012 we’re over 20%!

Go to on your phone and check out the new site.  Check out the Belmont stakes June 9 and hopefully see a little history.  Finally, have a great Memorial Day weekend and don’t forget why we celebrate it.  Thanks for getting through another post, happy selling!

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