Impressive Previews Stats: What do you consider “luxury”?

Ronna Streiff, Previews Marketing Manager

Is it a price point, a set of features, a unique style? However you define luxury, there is no doubt that it is a lucrative piece of the real estate industry with extremely high expectations coming from the consumer. Every year, Previews (our luxury brand) releases its Quotables, which are interesting factoids about the statistics and characteristics of the luxury market. For example, Previews Property Specialists participated in over 13,000 sides of properties over $1 million or more, which equates to $26 billion in sales volume. In fact, on average, Previews handles more than $70 million in luxury home sales every day. Your office has copies of a marketing piece that highlights these impressive statistics.

Nationally, a new look for Previews is being rolled out this year. The new look includes a substantial redesign for, new high-end marketing partnerships and improved leveraging of approximately 3,100 offices in over 51 countries. Those who work in this upscale market segment know buyers come from across the country and all over the world. Luxury in real estate has many self-proclaimed “leaders” but when you talk about the luxury market at Coldwell Banker, you are introducing your clientele to a truly successful network that is local, national and global.

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