Sharing Your Dreams

Naomi Cheetah Campbell, Libertyville

I have been told many things in my career but dreams are what keep me going.   Several wise folks have told me many things concerning dreams I will share three.

First, if you don’t tell anyone your dreams they will never happen.

Second, you need to tell your dreams to many people so that they can hold you accountable for to making your dreams into a reality. Besides my friends, my family, my coworkers, I have told every client in the past two years about these dreams the funny part is they all want to be invited when they come true…

Third, have a picture of your dream it in front of you so you see it.  I go one step further I have sand and ocean water in my master bathroom to remind me… Not to mention photos in my phone, my desk, my house and occasionally in my car. What can I say? It’s the Type A in me… I really want it to happen!!!

My dream is I want to be able to afford to buy a second home someplace really warm, maybe Maui or maybe even Florida.  In my dream I am able to go there for three to four months a year and stay away from the cold weather Chicago has (well maybe not this year). In my dream I don’t have to work those three to four months. I am able to enjoy the weather and all the natural beauty that the place I own has to offer. I have no stress and I don’t have nightmares of my phone ringing constantly for some problem I have to race to, like some water issue. To some this may sound easy but what I didn’t mention is I want a single family home with an in-ground pool on the ocean.  Well it’s good to dream. To keep my sanity I try to go to Maui every year in January or February for at least 10 days someday I hope to make the dream a reality!!!

2 thoughts on “Sharing Your Dreams

  1. Naomi,,, It’s GREAT that you know what u want. Most people have no goal they just live day to day. Can u imagine leaving on a long trip and don’t know how your going to get there?? Create a plan (your map). Once you have the plan and the goal guess what ? You are half way there. Send us pictures of that house in Florida or Maui,,, Remember you are half way there !!! GOOD LUCK,,

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