Am I an Android or an iPhone?

Blackberry Torch

As many of you know, I am a holdout in the smart phone world. As much as I love the mobile world and talk about it incessantly, I still own this phone .

iPhone 4s

However, I think the time for a change is rapidly approaching. It’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is. Question is, where does that money go? (I’m on ATT, too, so no Droids.) Currently, there is the iPhone 4S  as the big man on the block, with its multitude of apps and easy connectivity with the original iPad (which Apple doesn’t even admit exists anymore!) I already own. An interesting new option is the Samsung Galaxy Note, also known as a “phablet”. By now, you’ve all seen the commercials, especially if you had been following March Madness. Much larger than other smart phones, it also brings back a stylus with creative apps for note-taking, and is scheduled to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Google OS update.

Samsung Galaxy Note

I need to make a decision in the next month, so leave me a comment below on which way I should go. I can’t wait that long, but this fall/winter looks very interesting for the smart phone world, as the ‘next big thing’ looks to be wireless charging, as both the iPhone 5 and the new line of Samsung Galaxy phones may be looking to incorporate this technology. No cords…wouldn’t that be nice?

3 thoughts on “Am I an Android or an iPhone?

  1. Just a few days ago I was on the same page with you. Now have the Samsung S II. I was told that the screen is better and the battery last longer. So far i’m happy with it. Good luck to you.

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