Never in My Wildest Dreams

Judy Hearst, RVP, Wisconsin Region

I truly believe what you believe you can achieve. Perhaps I could have been an attorney or a Doctor instead I listened to my guidance counselor and studied Spanish at the University of Wisconsin.  A change in studies led to a new direction in my life that would profoundly influence my future.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I became a fiber artist, and successfully marketed myself to achieve great success. Newly married, I invested in a loom and created weavings. As I participated in art shows in the Midwest, I sold my creations to collectors and galleries; and my weavings were included in many corporate art collections.

During the bicentennial, quilting saw a huge revival and as fiber artist I was inspired to become a contemporary quilt maker. My contemporary abstract collages and graphic quilts were published in many magazines and books including a dream of a lifetime to be featured in Vogue Magazine. I was represented by galleries across the country, I created commissioned quilts for collectors and corporate collections. My memories of this career include a fantastic portfolio of weavings and quilts and I’ve kept a small collection that I cherish. After lecturing to museum and quilt groups and building a great portfolio I decided I needed to repackage my creativity. After much thought about going back to law school I settled on getting into the family business of real estate. The rest is a dream come true.

I have had a successful career as an agent, assistant manager, manager, partner of a Coldwell Banker franchise which was acquired by NRT which led me back to sales and the opportunity to be director of education of the Wisconsin region.  I have had the greatest dream come true when my creative past met my dream of a lifetime when I became Regional Vice President of the Milwaukee region of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.  I have been a part of the most amazing senior leadership team in the Midwest with my fellow RVP’s from Chicago and our CEO and President Fran Broude. I have spent a great deal of my real estate career finding, coaching and mentoring agents to help make their dreams come true.  I am so proud and abundantly fortunate to have such an outstanding career, all 25 years with the great Coldwell Banker brand.

6 thoughts on “Never in My Wildest Dreams

  1. Judy,,, What a GREAT story !!! Amazing what people have done prior to their Real Estate career’s. I know you have done a fantastic job in Wisconsin and we are all glad you chose Real Estate and of course Coldwell Banker !!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Judy! What a rich history you bring to our business and our associates. You’re a very talented lady and that shows in everything you do. You inspire us all!

  3. Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of real estate professionals. Judy stands out as one of the most hard working, honest, dedicated and well respected realtor in our area. Being a part of making other persons dreams come true in real estate transactions is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs. We can all have our dreams come true when we love what we do as much as Judy does.

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