Deep Thoughts: The Listing Presentation

The pitch. The 30 second elevator speech. The listing presentation. It’s the most important part of your business. How do you tell someone how great you will be to sell their most valued possession? Are you part of the 76% that use a paper presentation? The 14% that use a computer? Hopefully, you aren’t part of the 10% that just wings it. Even if it is some combination, this is a crucial component to any top agent’s success in the business, and it is something that is constantly evolving. Whether it is analyzing and delivering the proper price, demonstrating your community knowledge or showing the unique and expansive marketing you offer, you have to put your best foot forward, especially in today’s market. If you haven’t already, check out the listing materials available on the Resource Center in Presentation Tools under the Resource Library or on Toolkit CMA, including a digital version for you 14%. So, what is your dream listing presentation?

2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts: The Listing Presentation

  1. Take your time. Use all the resources that CB has to offer. Go over your listing presentation in you mind.Pull up in a clean car. Well dressed. Be very organized. Be confident,not cocky. You will get that listing if you prepare for it !! GOOD LUCK !!

  2. I agree, Jim. I’d even extend that thought to you are always on a listing presentation whenever you are in public, as you never know where your next client could be found.

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