Generation of Dreams

Carmen V. Rodriguez, Edgebrook

I’m not often asked why I got into real estate. I think it’s so much a part of my identity now that some folks think I was born with a sign rider in one hand and a business card in the other. But the truth is I’ve traveled a long way to arrive right here at Coldwell Banker. My maternal grandfather arrived from Sicily through Ellis Island and made his way to Chicago with his family, where they worked long, hard days for modest rewards.

My paternal grandfather never made it here from Cuba, but my dad arrived under some pretty harrowing circumstances, with mother and sisters in tow, and a huge responsibility ahead of him. No matter their desperate beginnings, both branches of my family arrived with a dream and not much else.

What they accomplished – building businesses, raising families, nurturing communities – was impressive to behold. Their sacrifice and perseverance is what gave me all the opportunities I have had, the value of which is immeasurable. And all their lessons were taught to me in the one place that matters most: home. So how I honor them, how I carry their dreams forward, is what I do for a living; I make sure all my clients find the perfect place to call home.  For me, there’s really no better way to make a dream come true.

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