Impressive Previews Stats: What do you consider “luxury”?

Ronna Streiff, Previews Marketing Manager

Is it a price point, a set of features, a unique style? However you define luxury, there is no doubt that it is a lucrative piece of the real estate industry with extremely high expectations coming from the consumer. Every year, Previews (our luxury brand) releases its Quotables, which are interesting factoids about the statistics and characteristics of the luxury market. For example, Previews Property Specialists participated in over 13,000 sides of properties over $1 million or more, which equates to $26 billion in sales volume. In fact, on average, Previews handles more than $70 million in luxury home sales every day. Your office has copies of a marketing piece that highlights these impressive statistics.

Nationally, a new look for Previews is being rolled out this year. The new look includes a substantial redesign for, new high-end marketing partnerships and improved leveraging of approximately 3,100 offices in over 51 countries. Those who work in this upscale market segment know buyers come from across the country and all over the world. Luxury in real estate has many self-proclaimed “leaders” but when you talk about the luxury market at Coldwell Banker, you are introducing your clientele to a truly successful network that is local, national and global.

A Dream is a Goal with Passion

Nina A. Fotopoulos, Vice President, Branch Manager, Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills

What is a dream? A dream is a goal with passion! When I was an office administrator my manager and broker Bea Taylor approached me and said Nina you are a leader and should be managing an office. She saw a potential in me that I was too close to recognize.  A seed was planted and was supported by several managers over many years. In the year 2000 I accepted the position as managing broker of the Downers Grove office.  An exciting opportunity lay before me within a culture that I greatly respected, lead by the best professionals in the business.  I saw the potential for growth and set my goal to the highest of heights. My passion, my dream was to someday lead my team to becoming the top office in the Chicagoland marketplace. In 2010 my Hinsdale office was recognized as being the most profitable office in the Midwest region for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Read More

A Good Brand is a Great Wingman

A short while ago, an interesting discussion took place through Twitter and the blogosphere. The conversation was started off by @darrinfrie and quickly turned into a debate with @david_marine and @corcoran_group, with a post by @TeriConrad recapping some of the discussion.

"Have you met Coldwell Banker?"

In a nutshell, the question raised was about how much a company’s brand means to a real estate agent. There was some debate about metrics and data, but the brand relationship with an agent is what sparked my interest. Read More

Sharing Your Dreams

Naomi Cheetah Campbell, Libertyville

I have been told many things in my career but dreams are what keep me going.   Several wise folks have told me many things concerning dreams I will share three.

First, if you don’t tell anyone your dreams they will never happen.

Second, you need to tell your dreams to many people so that they can hold you accountable for to making your dreams into a reality. Besides my friends, my family, my coworkers, I have told every client in the past two years about these dreams the funny part is they all want to be invited when they come true… Read More

Am I an Android or an iPhone?

Blackberry Torch

As many of you know, I am a holdout in the smart phone world. As much as I love the mobile world and talk about it incessantly, I still own this phone .

iPhone 4s

However, I think the time for a change is rapidly approaching. It’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is. Question is, where does that money go? (I’m on ATT, too, so no Droids.) Currently, there is the iPhone 4S  as the big man on the block, with its multitude of apps and easy connectivity with the original iPad (which Apple doesn’t even admit exists anymore!) I already own. An interesting new option is the Samsung Galaxy Note, also known as a “phablet”. By now, you’ve all seen the commercials, especially if you had been following March Madness. Much larger than other smart phones, it also brings back a stylus with creative apps for note-taking, and is scheduled to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Google OS update.

Samsung Galaxy Note

I need to make a decision in the next month, so leave me a comment below on which way I should go. I can’t wait that long, but this fall/winter looks very interesting for the smart phone world, as the ‘next big thing’ looks to be wireless charging, as both the iPhone 5 and the new line of Samsung Galaxy phones may be looking to incorporate this technology. No cords…wouldn’t that be nice?

Never in My Wildest Dreams

Judy Hearst, RVP, Wisconsin Region

I truly believe what you believe you can achieve. Perhaps I could have been an attorney or a Doctor instead I listened to my guidance counselor and studied Spanish at the University of Wisconsin.  A change in studies led to a new direction in my life that would profoundly influence my future.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I became a fiber artist, and successfully marketed myself to achieve great success. Newly married, I invested in a loom and created weavings. As I participated in art shows in the Midwest, I sold my creations to collectors and galleries; and my weavings were included in many corporate art collections. Read More

Deep Thoughts: The Listing Presentation

The pitch. The 30 second elevator speech. The listing presentation. It’s the most important part of your business. How do you tell someone how great you will be to sell their most valued possession? Are you part of the 76% that use a paper presentation? The 14% that use a computer? Hopefully, you aren’t part of the 10% that just wings it. Even if it is some combination, this is a crucial component to any top agent’s success in the business, and it is something that is constantly evolving. Whether it is analyzing and delivering the proper price, demonstrating your community knowledge or showing the unique and expansive marketing you offer, you have to put your best foot forward, especially in today’s market. If you haven’t already, check out the listing materials available on the Resource Center in Presentation Tools under the Resource Library or on Toolkit CMA, including a digital version for you 14%. So, what is your dream listing presentation?

Hopes and Dreams

Bringing hope to those in need and fulfilling dreams is what the Coldwell Banker Foundation is all about.  Recently at our Foundation breakfasts we presented our 22 partners with donations and learned more about what they do and who they serve. The stories told were moving and inspirational… the stories of battling homelessness, adapting homes for our injured soldiers, helping runaway teens, providing a home away from home when your children are hospitalized…ultimately helping those in need who are hoping for a better life.  Thank you to everyone who is helping us make dreams come true.