Persistence Makes Dream Come True

– Liz Lopez, Office Administrator, Barrington

It has always been my mother’s dream to own her home free and clear without having to worry about a mortgage payment. She was a single parent raising two daughters, worked very hard in real estate and was a realtor for 20 years. In November of 2007, she was rushed to the hospital and was in emergency surgery within two hours of arriving. She had a perforated colon which resulted in peritonitis, a condition where bacteria flows into the abdominal cavity and contaminates it. The doctors said that she would not have made it another night if she hadn’t come. While in the hospital, she contracted pneumonia and the doctors discovered that she had also suffered a minor heart attack. She was in ICU for two and one half weeks and when she returned home we had a home health nurse for a month. The holidays were tough, that was for sure.

At that time, I was not only working full time at Coldwell Banker (Schaumburg office) but I was also going to school full time. Since my mom was out of work and had no income coming in, I wasn’t sure how all of the bills were going to be paid, let alone, how the mortgage was going to be paid. I took out loans and credit cards; I did everything I could do to make sure my mom’s dream was kept alive. But when all of that was about to be depleted and I thought my hope and dreams were gone, my co-workers did something that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life. They secretly collected money and donated it to me and my family.

I truly believe that without the help of my Coldwell Banker family, I would have never made it. The support that they gave me and the money that they donated helped my family and I get through one of the toughest times of our lives. I continued to work hard at getting everything accomplished from paying the bills and mortgage to getting my school work done but my mom’s recovery was my biggest concern. While my mom got her strength back and seemed to be bouncing back, I graduated from college with honors in December of 2009.

But then, another major medical emergency happened. In January of 2010, my mother suffered a heart attack and doctors said she had 98% blockage, this time she needed stents. Throughout the entire time I never let my determination die. I was determined to help my mom achieve the dream of owning her home. In December of 2010, that dream became a reality, we paid our last mortgage payment and my mom received the title to her home.

Today, my mom doesn’t have to worry about a mortgage payment and she is doing well. Now it is my turn to start focusing on my dream of someday owning my own home. My experience has made me believe you can achieve any dream with perseverance. It goes without saying that my favorite quote is:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

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