Go Outside.

Derek Light, eMarketing Manager

If you’re inside, grab your iPhone, iPad or whatever device you’re wielding these days, go outside and read this…the weather is awesome, is this March or May?  In fact you should be playing golf, running or planting something green, so I’ll make this quick.

I’m sure some of you have heard Chris Haran (who is going to lose the 5th annual Fish Sandwich Bracket Challenge and owe yours truly yet another fish sandwich) running around shouting that traffic to our mobile site was up almost 400% in 2011 over 2010, we’ve continued to see the same increases in 2012 but it seems we’ve reached a tipping point in mobile use thanks primarily to Apple.

While mobile traffic increased dramatically in 2011 it remained at around 10% of total site traffic, in February it jumped to nearly 1 in 5 visits.   This jump was experienced in other cities outside of Chicago pointing to the larger trend.  The iPad, iPhone and Android devices were the top choices for mobile users visiting ColdwellBankerOnline and accounted for 95% of all mobile traffic.  A shout out to those still tapping real keys, BlackBerry came in a very distant 4th in mobile visits.

With all of this growth in mind, we have exciting enhancements to our mobile platform coming soon and throughout the year. These enhancements will not only provide a better user experience but will help agents brand themselves where their clients are.

Enjoy the weather this week!

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