Go All In

Andy Shiparski, Managing Broker, Gold Coast

My life dream is truly this simple.  It is helping people achieve their dreams and creating a deeper self worth for themselves.  When I was selling it was trying to find the one home that my clients dreamed about and could still afford.  We all work very hard and to me, our home is our safe haven or sanctuary. Truth be told, we all want to be proud of where we live.  For me, every night when I walk in the door, it is a feeling of, WOW, I am home and this is what I work so hard for, to have a place that makes me feel comforted and safe, AT PEACE!!!  When we have family or friends over to visit we long for their acceptance as well.  Accomplishing this for our clients adds value and a lifelong relationship built on trust and respect.  Outside of being a parent, this is the most rewarding and fulfilling event for a realtor.

In my new role, it is assisting my agents with their dreams.  It is all about walking to the edge of their comfort zone and building their self confidence to do and achieve what they once believed was not possible.  This is not rocket science, it is building people up and opening a side or part of them they never knew they had or believed it could be opened.  I am a firm believer we all have it inside of ourselves, we just need to believe and find someone that will take the time to walk over the line of fear with us.  It is about taking action and putting a clear and concise plan in place for what we want to dream about or achieve.  Taking baby steps each and every day, the pain and struggle to achieve the goal has to be accepted first or the goal will never happen.  If we are not willing to pay the price for what we want to achieve or have in our lives, the dream won’t just happen.  My approach is you must only be committed to yourself, if you are, we can achieve and attain whatever you want.  To tie this all together, my fulfillment and dream comes true when you actually see someone “GO ALL IN” and submit to the goal and plan to achieve their dream.

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