It’s a mobile world, and we’re all living in it

– Chris Haran, Marketing

That means there is no escaping this massive shift in both communication style and information consumption. Those of you that have talked with me lately know the passion I have for mobile, which is entirely due to the massive opportunities available to those willing to leverage it.

A few of my favorite stats about mobile: over half of all mobile phone subscribers will have a smart phone by the end of this year, half of all web traffic will come through mobile devices in the next two to three years and over 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24 hours a day..even when asleep dreaming. (How many of you just checked your pocket or touched your phone, just to make sure it was there?)

Mobile traffic to has increased 350% year over year! What these stats tell me is that not embracing mobile is turning away significant business. We launched a mobile site (last year!) and we continue to make improvements, specifically to how you can promote yourself in the mobile space. Start thinking about what you can do in your own business to leverage the new mobile world.

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